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The IV Den Monthly Membership Program is committed to your ongoing health!

Membership Plan Options:

1 IV per month: $119

2 IVs per month: $220

3 IVs per month: $325

4 IVs per month:  $430

Includes all Mid-Level Packages

This membership includes any IV packages valuing less than $200 in value.  Any package over that value is 15% off any amount over that price level.


Additional 10% Off

If you would like any IV add-ons or services beyond what is included in your membership level, that service will be 10% for the entire year of your membership.


Yearly Membership Terms

Whatever monthly membership level you select, you will be automatically billed monthly for a term of 12 months from your start date.  You will not incur any price increases over the term of your membership!


Mobile IV with Membership

In order to help our contractors cover the cost of travel, if monthly membership IV's are administered via mobile appointment, there will be a $20 surcharge at time of service, as is the case for all mobile IVs.

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