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IV Hydration… What is the fuss about?

Learn how IV Therapy has become so popular!

COVID shook things up. No one wants to hang out in the emergency department unless it is an absolute life-threatening emergency. People don’t want to be in any space that hosts sick people, like doctor’s offices and urgent cares. COVID-19 scared us all. A lot of people got sick, and a lot of people stayed sick.

IV therapy can offer a great way to stay out of places where you could possibly be exposed to COVID-19. You no longer have to risk an exposure if you get food poisoning, altitude sickness, over-do it in the sun, or push too hard on that distance run. New mommas don’t have to risk exposure if they have the worst morning sickness of the century or fire-breathing-dragon heartburn.

Those of us burdened with three-day migraines that render us useless no longer have to depend on the ER for a migraine cocktail. There is an alternative- IV therapy.

As a society, we started to care a lot more about wellness. COVID-19 highlighted the danger of carrying around extra pounds, not managing your blood sugars, or just doing a lousy job of taking care of yourself. We all started to pay more attention to how to be well. Traditionally, healthcare spaces were for the management of sickness.

IV therapy is not limited to the sick. We also use IV hydration, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes to aid people in feeling their absolute best. We have cocktails designed to enhance the immune system, reduce inflammation, increase antioxidants, and promote DNA repair.

IV Therapy is an affordable way to help elevate your wellness.

Check out all our IV Therapy Packages!

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